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Wanted: Street Team 

Calling all readers, bloggers, reviewers and romantic suspense lovers. I’m putting together a Street Team to help spread the word about my current books and new releases. 

Join the Alexa Grace Street Team!

Every author needs help spreading the word about their books through reviews as well as recommendations from readers to their family, friends, book clubs, libraries, book stores, etc. Here are more things you can do as a Street Team member:


  • Follow me on Twitter at AlexaGrace2 and re-Tweet my Tweets about my books or make up some great Tweets of your own.
  • Join my Alexa Grace Author Page on Facebook and share some of my posts on your own page.
  • Visit the blogs where I am being interviewed and post a comment. There are often free prizes involved. 
  • BTW, always participate in BlogHops. They are a lot of fun. You get to meet a lot of authors, but the best part is there are a ton of free books and other prizes!

In Person

  • Recommend my books to your family, friends, book clubs, libraries, bookstores, etc. 
  • Please buy my books the first week of release, which helps them get on the bestseller lists.  
  • Ask your library to order my books. All librarians keep a running list of books their patrons’ request. They have a budget to order new books. Just give them the book title, author name, and publisher. (Note: I am an indie author, so give them Alexa Grace as the publisher.)
  • If my books aren’t on the shelf at your bookstore, ask the bookseller to order it. (Like libraries, they also keep a running list of books their customers’ request.)

Remember: Do what you are comfortable with. Even if you do just one thing on the lists, you are being a tremendous support.

As a member of my Street Team, here’s some of what you get:

  • Alexa’s Free eBook Alerts of fantastic ebooks for your eReader announced in my e-newsletter and my Facebook page.
  • A chance to win giveaways and/or autographed books in my Street Team only contests. (All Street Team members will be automatically entered.)
  • An opportunity to have one of my characters named after you in my next book.
  • A chance to name a character in a future book.

If you'd like to join the Alexa Grace Street Team, please contact Alexa at .